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OCCAID, a non-profit organization, provides a dependable and reliable environment for advancing future internet technologies. Through collaboration efforts, OCCAID creates partnerships between the research communities and ISPs for coordinated commercial research, and to discover, create, share and apply knowledge.

In 2000, a group of students saw a need to start a collaboration network which can effectively promote and embrace leading-edge internet technologies for the IT industry. With this vision, OCCAID has since grown into a nationwide coast-to-coast backbone, interconnecting hundreds of researchers and creating partnerships between the academia, research communities and the carrier industry.

As one of the leading IPv6 networks in the world, OCCAID has also become the center of North American interest in this next generation internet protocol. Through advanced networking initiatives and combined expertise amongst its partners, OCCAID has built a reputation for moving IPv6 forward throughout the continental United States and beyond.

Since its foundation, OCCAID continues to evolve to meet the requirements of its membership and the general internet community. The OCCAID2 project is the latest initiative to deliver the 2nd generation of our R&D backbone, with speed exceeding multi-gigabit and connecting over 12 metropolitan cities throughout the US and 5 countries in Europe.

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