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Initiatives Overview

The majority of OCCAID's work is organized in the form of initiatives. Each initiative is typically privately funded between participating members and lasts a few years.

An initiative is formed when a consensus is reached among the Program Committee members after reception of a proposal. General Members and partners (both infrastructure and strategic partners) are welcome to collaborate, take leadership or a role in both new and existing initiatives as set forth by the committee.

Current Initiatives

In partnership with SixXS, the SixXS USA project will extend the successful European development for end-user IPv6 connectivity throughout America. Realizing the challenges that broadband ISPs face in deploying IPv6 to end-user customers, the SixXS USA project will allow their customers to find a closer and faster IPv6 connection through OCCAID. More..

The Global IPv6 Advancement (GIPS) program is a pioneering initiative that enables OCCAID members and IPv6 task groups to work together in extending IPv6 deployment around the globe. More..

Addressing the challenges that new and inexperienced network operators face when dealing with internet BGP routing, the NBONE project provides one of the most accurate simulations of the internet routing as it happens in the real world. More..

OCCAID2 is our most ambitious and significant collaboration effort, delivering the second generation of one the largest public R&D backbones in North America, successor to the previous research network, OCCAID. More..

Propose a New Initiative

New ideas and participation for initiatives are always welcomed. Proposals may be submitted via email to the Program Committee at pc [at] occaid.org. Upon submission, the committee will reach a consensus based on the merit of the proposal, its purpose and regions it covers to serve.

When a consensus is reached to start a new initiative, the Program Committee will appeal to the OCCAID membership and partners to gather initial participants in driving the initiative forward. Outside participation is also welcomed as determined by the committee and the applicant which submitted the proposal.

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