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OCCAID's backbone is an international IPv6 network, operating under a global autonomous system number of 30071. In the United States, it provides IPv6 access to over 300 end-sites around the nation and serves over 50 global IPv6 routes as its customers, making it one of the largest IPv6 networks in the world.

Responding to little motivation for IPv6 in North America, OCCAID's network represents a united interest for IPv6 development by the American and European internet community.

A Leader in Global IPv6 Connectivity

In addressing the needs of our membership and the internet community, OCCAID has built a redundant and robust network throughout the key markets in North America and beyond.

Additionally, OCCAID has pre-negotiated a number of arrangements with other IPv6 networks who have agreed to exchange traffic. Over 70% of destinations in the global IPv6 routing table are directly reachable via settlement-free peering and customer relationships on our network.

Despite the little interest for IPv6 in United States, the IPv6 community highly regards the American-based OCCAID as one of the best maintained and performing IPv6 networks in the world. This is made possible by our pioneering network engineering methodologies and preeminent peering strategies which put the needs of our customers at the forefront.

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New Initiatives

OCCAID2 is our most ambitious and significant collaboration effort, delivering the second generation of one the largest public R&D backbones in North America, successor to the previous research network, OCCAID. The groundbreaking for beginning the OCCAID2 upgrade project is planned for year 2006.

Building upon our successful predecessor network, OCCAID2 will connect over 25 metropolitan cities throughout US and 6 countries in Europe, at multi-gigabit speeds. Utilizing the latest optical technologies and state-of-the-art engineering, OCCAID2 will become the proving ground for research and carrier industries to develop and experience the leading-edge internet technologies.

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