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Network Tools

You may use the tools on this web page to test connectivity and routing policies on our IPv6 network.


Below are graphical representations of our IPv6 routing table, as seen from different cities:

IPv6 Traceroute

Example IPv6 Destinations

Web-based BGP Looking Glass

Select Core IPv6 POP:

IPv6 Address:

Route Server

OCCAID runs a public route-server as a community service. The route-server provides indepth view of our routing policy, by providing full BGP table from each of our core POPs. Traceroute and ping commands are also available.

While the route-server's diagnostics data only contains IPv6, it can be connected using SSH over both IPv4 and IPv6, at address route-server.occaid.net. To login, you must use rviews for both username and password. Here is an example of its usage:

> ssh -l rviews route-server.occaid.net
####### [ route-server.occaid.net ] OCCAID Public Route Server ###############

This device provides public access to OCCAID (AS30071) IPv6 routing data, for
diagnostic and informational purposes. Routes are collected from the
following diverse points across our network, but may still not represent the
routing policy from every location:

2001:4830::1   Clifton NJ, US            2001:4830::9   Kansas City MO, US
2001:4830::2   San Francisco CA, US      2001:4830::a   Miami FL, US
2001:4830::3   Boston MA, US             2001:4830::b   El Segundo CA, US
2001:4830::4   Los Angeles CA, US        2001:4830::c   Atlanta GA, US
2001:4830::5   Dallas TX, US             2001:4830:1::1 Stockholm, SE
2001:4830::6   Boca Raton FL, US         2001:4830:1::3 London, UK
2001:4830::7   Chicago IL, US
2001:4830::8   Ashburn VA, US

This device is located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

For questions or comments about this service, contact: jtc@occaid.org

Pursuant to Title 18 USC section 2511 (2)(a)(i), individuals using this device
are subject to having any and all of their activities monitored, recorded, and
examined. Any material so recorded may be disclosed to law enforcement. If you
do not agree to these terms, you must disconnect immediately.

Please login with username and password of rviews.
rviews@route-server.occaid.net's password:
Last login: Mon Nov 14 14:13:28 2005 from
--- JUNOS 6.3R2.2 built 2004-08-06 01:43:25 UTC

rviews@route-server.occaid.net> traceroute ftp.freebsd.org
traceroute6 to ftp.freebsd.org (2001:4f8:0:2::e) from 2001:4830:cc1e:0:2c0:f0ff:fe26:d365, 
30 hops max, 12 byte packets
 1  3133.fe0-0.cr1.mci1.us.occaid.net (2001:4830:cc1e::1)  0.287 ms  0.25 ms  0.234 ms
 2  6.fe0-0.cr1.sfo2.us.occaid.net (2001:4830:ff:1750::2)  35.554 ms  35.499 ms  35.547 ms
 3  sf-guest.r2.sfo2.isc.org (2001:4f8:4:b:290:6900:b30:541f)  35.719 ms  35.846 ms  35.631 ms
 4  freebsd.isc.org (2001:4f8:0:2::e)  35.56 ms  35.693 ms  35.62 ms

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