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Becoming a Partner

OCCAID forms partnership with institutions in North America and around the world to share expertise and investigate new internet technologies. Whether you are a research institution, government, non-profit corporation, commercial or NREN, if you believe you can provide a resource to OCCAID or join forces to collaborate research in leading-edge technologies, you are welcomed to submit your proposal or application to us for a review.

There are two partnership oppurtunities with OCCAID:

  • Strategic Partnership: Through strategic partnership, both parties form alliance to share their expertise in new and existing initiatives. Partners work jointly with OCCAID and other partners to deliver and promote leading technologies to audience that could benefit, and through collaboration, develop new ongoing technologies.
  • Infrastructure Partnership: OCCAID partners with infrastructure partners to obtain easier financing, physical and human resources to operate perhaps one of the biggest R&D backbone networks in existance today. Vendors and carrier industries are welcomed to participate to promote and test their products in our environment, and are also welcomed to invest any resources that could become beneficial to the network.

If you are interested in partnering with OCCAID, please contact partnership [at] occaid.org for more information.

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