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2006 Service Realignment Project Information

2006 Service Realignment Project Information

Dear members, partners and sponsors,

In the year 2005, we are excited and humbled to see a tremendous growth in OCCAID and increased collaboration between its members. Our network has grown to the point of becoming one of the largest IPv6 networks in the world, and we have provided a great community service to the public thanks to all of our contributors and partners. We have also seen recent partnerships with the academia such as TENET and other successful initiatives and like the SixXS project and Consulintel.

With the increasing amount of commercial and carrier participation within OCCAID, it has become alarmingly clear to us that we need to represent ourselves and our services at a professional grade, and adopt procedures to increase reliability of our network. And through our strategic partnerships, we need the capacity to start and manage our new initiative programs to continue being a beneficiary to the internet community.

Thus, to meet the continuing challenges and exciting developments in our organization, we are adopting a comprehensive program to provide increased service quality and value of investment and time to each of our members and partnering organizations. This program is called Service Realignment Project (SRP).

Through the SRP, we will provide a more enhanced and dependable environment for enrichment of future Internet technologies (i.e. IPv6). These activities will include, enhancing our services to general end users and improving the quality and commitment of our service levels to enterprise and educational customers. We wish to thank everyone participating in OCCAID throughout its infant years, and we look forward to an exciting year in 2006!

On this page, you will find the draft outline document and FAQ regarding our SRP program implementation.


Program Committee

SRP Outline - Rough Draft

SRP Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to download Adobe Reader if you do not have it installed, in order to view this sample.

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