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2006 Service Realignment Project Information

About OCCAID Community Service Programs

In close consultation and partnership with the network operators' community, OCCAID sponsors individuals and projects that are involved in works of public research, experimentation or software and technology development. Under these ideals, our sponsorship programs offer collocation, IPv4 and IPv6 bandwidth and technical services. Our public services liaison will review the merit and purpose of the individual application to determine whether a sponsorship will be appropriate. When the application appears to be in good standing, the liaison will forward the application to the Community Program Committee, who will reach a consensus in accepting the member application within 10 business days.

Successful examples of sponsored applicant under the Community Service Programs would be: (a) Planet Lab project member, (b) *BSD or GNU/Linux official developer with cvs commit access tasked with a specific project to develop or enhance public software, etc.

If you believe you meet the criteria for a community service sponsorship, you may wish to contact the Public Services Liaison at pubservices [at] occaid.org for application. Please permit up to 10 business days for response.

Community Program Committee

As part of the Program Committee, the Community Program Committee works with OCCAID's strategic partners and members to form new initiatives, events and sponsorship oppurtunities to assist the internet and research community. Some of its activities include:

  • the Global IPv6 Advancement Program (GIPS) initiatve;
  • the SixXS USA project;
  • working with TENET to promote IPv6 around the African region;
  • sponsor individual and public projects which are sufficiently meritorious and fits under the field of computer science research.

If you have an idea for a new program or initiative, please feel free to contact the committee at pc [at] occaid.org.

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